Welcome to Flag A Day the blog!

Well, here it is again, the holiday you have all been waiting for, June 14, the official “Flag Day,” and incidentally the birthdays of my friends and compatriots Amy Papaelias and Sue Peterson. Happy Birthday!
In the last few years I have observed the proliferation of American flags everywhere I go. Every time I leave the house I am bombarded by images of the American flag. They are on my neighbor’s mailbox, on cookies in the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, you name it and I bet there is a flag there. As a response to this commercialized, consumer ready, (patriotic?) blitz I started photographing the flags I see as I go about my daily life. These photographs will be posted daily on my website http://www.flagaday.com accompanied by this blog to post articles and thoughts relating to patriotism, nationalism and the American flag.

Write to me and share your thoughts and photos of flag phenomena.


3 Responses to “Welcome to Flag A Day the blog!”

  1. 1 Chuck June 15, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    I’ve often thought about the use of symbols such as the flag to mask a muddied intellectual understanding of our country’s basic precepts. In the current political climate we have seen this shallow patriotism whipped up by those who know better, but who also know its effectiveness. I’m saying this in the context of my trying to find a suitable photographic means to portray this political/cultural environment without appearing dogmatic about it. I think you’re exactly on track, Greta, in examining this in a way that avoids a preacher’s stance. I’m looking forward to your daily cup o’ flag. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few leads I’m gonna be pursuing here……..

  2. 2 flagaday June 18, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Thanks for entering my first comment. You have sumed it up well and I look forward to what you do with your ideas. In the meantime I love the photo on the porch on your site.

  3. 3 razzbuffnik June 18, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    In my experience, people who wrap themselves in flags are hoping to appropriate some of the power that they think the flag represents.

    It’s a bit like buying status by purchasing a product, like a certain type of car for example.

    On a personal level I find all flag waving and jingoism (of any nation) very offensive.

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