American Icon

Have you gotten a new passport with in the last month? Did your jaw drop in awe at the new “American Icon” design? The passport redesign was six years in the making and incorporates practically every patriotic, American symbol in existence into a tidy little personal shrine. Out of the country and feeling a little homesick, not to worry just open up your very own “American Icon” and bask in the glow of amber waves of grain, bald eagles, and large heads of dead presidents all accompanied by a healthy of dose of patriotic quotes.

But most importantly the icon overdose that is your new “e-passport” also comes complete with its very own RFID chip embedded in the back cover. If case you forget your identity, not to worry, the scanner at the airport knows exactly who you are.

Check out this recent New York Times article by Neil Mac Farquhar about the e-passport. “Stars and Stripes, Wrapped in the Same Old Blue”

Another good article about the passport: “E-passport: Doorway to the Panopticon”
pa*nop”ti*con\, n. A prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen.

Oh, and this is what the state department has to say about it:
“The new U.S. e-passport will incorporate updated security features and a new design. This design will reflect the varied landscapes of our country and each page will include a quote reflecting the hope and success that is the United States of America.”



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