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Patriotic Dog

Speaking of memorials and 9/11 this site, Baby the Patriotic Bulldog, is too, too much to behold, don’t miss it.



9/11 Tribute

A recent article in the New York Times titled, As 9/11 Draws Near, How Much Tribute Is Enough? by N. R. Kleinfield starts out;

Again it comes, for the sixth time now—2,191 days after that awful morning – falling for the first time on a Tuesday, the same day of the week.

Again there will be the public tributes, the tightly scripted memorial events, the reflex news coverage, the souvenir peddlers.

Is all of it necessary, at the same decibel level – still?”

The article goes on to quote people on both sides of the argument, including family members of the deceased, who want the memorializing to continue and those who do not.

However you feel about the memorializing, 9/11 changed America is ways that other tragedies have not. The horrific nature of the attack on civilians struck an empathetic cord that brought Americans together as a people, untied by grief and shock. Displaying the flag became the symbol of unity. But six years later what was a heartfelt symbol of unity has become a vehicle to increase sales, a decoration for chachka’s made in China, an empty symbol saturating the landscape.

Truck Memorial

A while back I was photographing a flag decal in the back window of a truck (Flag a Day, August 24) when the man who owned the truck returned and was curious about what I was doing. So after explaining my project to him I, also being curious, asked him why he had an American flag in the back of his truck. He said that his stepmother Lynette Vosges had been killed in the World Trade Center on September 11 and as a way of memorializing her and stating that he still believed in America he decided to mount the flag in his truck.

Extra Sticker

I wonder what the average person displaying the American flag thinks, or doesn’t think, about their use of the flag. The woman with the flag sticker on her cooler at a soccer game (Flag A Day, August 29) couldn’t figure out what I was taking a picture of. When I told her it was the flag sticker on her cooler she laughed and said “oh, that sticker came on something else so instead of throwing it away I just stuck it on the cooler,” an act of patriotism or just an extra flag sticker, probably made in China, with no particular place to go.

Fourth Largest

Ever wonder where the fourth largest Fourth of July parade is held? I met a retired couple (Flag A Day, September 2, 2007) at the Empire Diner in NYC who proudly announced to me that they lived in Arlington, Texas home of the fourth largest Fourth of July parade in the US. I wonder where the largest Fourth of July parade is?