Subliminal 7-11

I went into 7-11 on Colley Ave and 20th St in Norfolk today to get the Sunday New York Times and as I handed over my 5 bucks for the out of state edition I noticed a banner of moving words, functioning subliminally like product placement in films, displaying a message to all on the customer side of the register. As I stared dumbfounded the words “Welcome Home Our Heroes, Welcome Home Our Heroes!” repeated over and over.

Who wrote the message? I asked the cashier and he had no idea. Do all 7-11’s display the same message? Does the message change daily? Does it change regionally? Why would a convenience store flash subliminal messages about our troops? So I decided to do a little field research. Here are my findings so far;

7-11, Little Creek and Newport, “Fresh Brownies Daily.”
7-11, Grandby and 35, “Remember Virginia Tech.”
7-11, Hwy 17 in Chesapeake “New American Subs only 2.19.”

If you go into 7-11 in your area, or any convenience store for that matter, look at the messages being flashed into your subconscious and report back.


1 Response to “Subliminal 7-11”

  1. 1 mdcodex January 23, 2009 at 4:47 am

    i ll keep an eye for it <

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