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Nitro Girl

You need to see Tuesday’s Colbert Report. It concerns the erection of the “Nitro Girl” patriotic statute in front of Werbeny Tire Town in Hilltop, NJ. It’s on Black Horse Pike. I think you will want to visit this place with your photo-mojo.
–Russ in LA


Thanks Russ! Here is the link to “Difference Makers Nitro Girl, If you don’t have a patriotic statue in front of your business, the terrorists have won.” on the Colbert Report…hilarious!

While we are on the subject of Giant Women I found out that Nitro girl is not the only giant woman made from this mold. In fact there are many “Uniroyal Gals” overlooking the highways of America clad in outfits befitting the climate of the area and taste of the owners. So if you happen to be the lucky owner of a giant fiberglass woman statue you can paint in whatever clothes, patriotic or not, that appeal to you.

Most of the original statues where made in the 1960’s by International Fiberglass a company that also produced giant men designed to lure in customers to the business of choice. The original man mold, for a Paul Bunyan, was altered in several ways depending on the purchaser’s need. For muffler and tire companies the Paul Bunyan beard was filled in and the arms changed to hold mufflers and tires, for Indians a naked chest was created and the arm was raised to give the stereotypical “Indian” greeting.