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Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.

– Charles de Gaulle


Seeing Flags 7


When I first started this project my Mom and Dad in Minnesota conveyed that they thought New Jerseyians quite odd. They said, “People around here don’t decorate their mailboxes with flags.” But the more they saw my photos the more they started noticing flags in their environment. And then after a couple of weeks they responded with this prime example of a Swedish Dala horse with a flag around its neck in their small rural town. Ah Ha, I thought it is everywhere and that is the point of all this. We are surrounded and bombarded with American flags whose usage goes against everything written in the flag code. What does this bombardment mean? Is it merely consumerism on a rampage? Does anything sell if it has a flag on it? Do Americans feel that they are not patriotic if they don’t stick a flag on everything they own? Is it a mind numbing form of seduction that keeps us tied to the policies of the powerful?

Seeing Flags 4, 5,6

More flags from viewers like you…first we have Amy Papaelias at the Phillies game who couldn’t help but notice the giant electronic flag.

Russ in LA sends this example of someone decorating their Internet site with a flag and Greg in CA caught this couple with his cell phone camera while dining out with his wife.