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Old Weird America

I just got back from the opening of The Old, Weird America, a show that includes my Nineteen Lincolns, at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. I had a fabulous time thanks to Toby Kamps the Senior Curator of the show and the CAMH and Linda Shearer the CAMH Director. They threw a great big ol’ Texas BBQ before the opening with music, drinks and great conversation due to the fantastic arts scene in Houston. I didn’t know Houston was so much fun!

The Old, Weird America explore’s the resurgence of folk imagery and history in American contemporary art and examines ingrained cultural forces and overlooked histories. The show features approximately 75 recent paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, installations, and video works from nearly 20 artists and collaborative groups, including Eric Beltz, Jeremy Blake, Sam Durant, Barnaby Furnas, Brad Kahlhamer, David McDermott and Peter McGough, Aaron Morse, Cynthia Norton (a.k.a. Ninny), Greta Pratt, Dario Robleto, Allison Smith, Kara Walker, and Charlie White.

The CAMH also produced an amazingly, beautiful catalog for the show which features work by all the artists and essays by Kamps, Michael Duncan and Colleen Sheehy from the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis, where the show will be from August 2008 to Jan 2009.